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RE&UP attends Première Vision Paris.

From 6 to 8 February, RE&UP took part in Première Vision Paris, a unique event to fuel creativity.

With Première Vision offering a complete panorama of raw materials and meeting any sourcing need, from yarns to manufacturing, fabrics, leathers, designs, colors and accessories, it was certainly the place to be for RE&UP. This was a great opportunity to connect with other fashion professionals and leaders and to share with them SANKO’s new venture aimed at revolutionizing textile-to-textile recycling. At RE&UP, we are committed to tackling today’s textile-waste problem to create new raw material to be re-spun and we had our General Manager, Andreas Dorner, present our mission at PV while inviting textile and fashion brands to take the step towards circularity. 

“The reality of textile recycling is here. We are operational and doing it at scale,” said Andreas, “we are committed to supporting the industry in closing the recycled material gap.” Thanks to SANKO’s century-long expertise in textile innovation, RE&UP provides scaled technology that can transform textile waste into high-quality, sustainable, price competitive, traceable, and ready-to-spin recycled raw materials.